Under construction

We're still getting organized, little by little. If you know what you're doing you can check out the WapWench 0.1 demo (either on your phone or with the Firefox wmlbrowser extension).


WapWench is a small CGI/WML application for serving custom pages to WAP-enabled devices (e.g., mobile phones). The most obvious use for WapWench is as a personal home page. WapWench is configurable via a simple text file; users can add links to their favorite URL's and even run commands on the serving host.

WapWench is written in Python and can be used on any CGI-enabled web server (only Apache tested so far) which supports Python (2.2.x or better should work).


These are from the Firefox wmlbrowser extension, mobile devices tend to render the buttons differently. We'll try to get some pics up of actual devices sooner or later.

The front "links" page


The uptime of the serving host queried